This is Dragisa Jevtic web page. It is not to much but basically shows what i can do and what i have done. More or less showing off with this terribly designed web page. 

 Developing Android applications on incomplete and often contrary, client-provided specs. Even if they're based on iOS design and specifications and I have to personally adjust them for Android.

Working in a team customizing AOSP to such extents that it makes client's hardware fabulous. Performing maintenance of large, unknown and undocumented client's codebases which only appear to work on unspecified hardware devices, again, provided by client, and somehow making it work. Creating software developer friendly and usable code on daily basis in spite of it all, just because I like it. Connecting Android devices with absolutely everything and anything, reading and sending data to and from your random REST server, TCP sockets, QR codes, BLE, messenger pigeon - you name it.

So unofficially my title would be "dragon slayer and magician".

Some of previouse jobs

Summa Labs

 Android Developer - January 2018
Developing SIP and chat solutions based on busines requirements  


 Android Developer - October 2014
Developing and maintaining applications for multiple international clients.  


 Java Developer - November 2013
- Maintenance and development of banking software solution for biggest EU banks.
- Maintenance and development of internal bug tracking system for our company.
- Development of new in-house products for new clients with new technologies. 


 Java Developer - April 2010
Embedded Systems Department takes on the wide spectrum of projects which deal with design and development of software solutions for custom hardware, end user devices, small factor and industrial appliances, video and audio devices and technologies. The core expertise is in the area of Set Top Boxes for Satellite and Cable television and integration with Head End Broadcast systems

Home Media Center STB software maintenance, developing and maintaining new features 


 Senior QA  - December 2007
Manual (unit, integration and regression) and automatic (stress and destructive) testing of product (satellite receiver software, RUI protocol), registering bugs in bug tracking tools (Jira and Bugzila), tracking bug life path, writing test cases from requirements provided by client, occasionally working as Team Lead with group of 6-10 QA, modifying tools for automated testing (MySQL, bash, php). 

Melior Solutions

 Junior QA - August 2007
Manual testing of RIA web applications, registering bugs in bug tracking tools (Track and Jira), tracking bug life path. 

Some work on which i am super proud


 Great Android desk phone which was developed from scratch. Learned a lot about AOSP and how to use it in commercial projects for custom devices.  

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Developing applications and updating firmware for LifeFitness Discover consoles 

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Startup application developed for YourFuzzy based on business requirements from client.

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